4 Tips To Regain Hair Beauty

The day-to-day running often makes us opt for practical hair care procedures, which do not make us waste too much time in front of the mirror. Even those who do not undergo chemical processes on the threads, mere exposure to the sun, dust, chlorine and the beach makes their hair dry, dirty more quickly, opaque and even lifeless. If that’s your case, check out our tips for getting more beautiful hair every day.

To have strong threads

Chemical treatments such as straighteners, progressives and dyes, or even hormonal problems and stress, often make the hair brittle, elastic and falling out easily. To make it resistant again, invest in products with keratin and ceramides to recover the strength of the threads. These ingredients are present in hydration and recovery masks.

But beware: apply them only once a week, as the accumulation of these substances can make the hair stiff and even more brittle. If you are the type who doesn’t go a day without getting your hair wet, it’s good to be careful not to lie down with it still damp so that there is no proliferation of fungus, which causes it to fall out. Wash thoroughly before going to sleep or use a blow dryer.

Achieve the ideal volume

In addition to renewing the look and giving a lot of movement to the strands, the volume gives that special charm to the face, depending on the occasion and the type of hair. But if you prefer less voluminous strands, there are also tricks that can tame even the toughest hair. To add volume to the smooth, spread styling mousse on the almost dry strands. If you want to control the curls, apply the same product to hair that is still wet.

If you have little hair and want volume, simply make a twisted bun on top of your head, with the strands damp, before bed. The next morning, you’ll have a bunch of wavy, voluminous hair! Do you want to raise the root? Apply a little mousse on it and blow dry. Finally, pull the root upwards with a fine brush.

To control frizz (raised strands)

Frizz can be present in all types of hair and is a natural response to the poor state of health of the hair. The most common causes of the problem are chemical treatments. To solve the problem, apply the tip of a nail polish to lower them (warm the product in the palm of your hands before spreading it over the entire surface). Leave-in is an ally, especially if you live in a beach town. A good trick is to mix the amount of a styling gel coin with the same amount of your favorite leave-in and spread it out along the length. Of course, a drop of serum helps control the wayward strands.

To have shine and softness

Dry, stiff strands make the hair look lifeless, don’t they? To reverse this problem, bet on good shampoos and treatment masks. Argan, coconut, macadamia or acai oils are great for increasing shine and leaving hair soft. Use them as leave-in (two drops in short and five in long) applying on almost dry hair. You can also include them in the moisturizing mask, before spreading it on your hair. Two or three drops are enough.

And grandma’s tip still holds true today: use vegetable oils on your hair the night before washing. It can be coconut oil, almond oil and even olive oil (extra virgin). Believe! They give emollient to the hair, nourish and leave the tresses with balance!

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