Balayage Hair Color

Balayage is a freehand hair coloring technique that gives a more subtle, blended look. It is the ultimate low maintenance style for women who want a head of hair with gorgeous highlights and a more natural look. Different than typical highlights, this technique does not use foils and is more of a free style for your hair. This is what creates the beautifully-blended coloring that has taken the hair industry by storm! The depth of Balayage that you want is up to you. Be it just a face framing amount or a full head of hair color. It is not saturated through the entire hair strand, only towards the tips. This leaves some integrity to your hair if you’re concerned about over-dyeing and damage. It is the perfect option for those worrying about harsh color contrasts because of the subtle nature to this hair coloring, you will not be disappointed. You can achieve an amazing balayage coloring on both light or dark hair. Whatever your desire, it will give you a glow up and enhance your already stunning appearance.

It is a timeless technique and has made its way to now being one of the most popular hair trends to date. Balayage also offers a better grow out period where the coloring is naturally-blended to the point that regrowth is not obvious. Touch up appointments can be spaced further apart, saving your money. Maintaining your hair color between appointments will depend on how light you choose to go. Get the best tips from your hair colorist and make sure to use products like a purple shampoo to keep the brassy tones at bay. Look no further if don’t want to have to deal with obvious new growth at your roots and spending a pretty penny on re-touching, it’s the perfect choice!