Balboa Island

Whether you drive, walk or take a ferry, Balboa Island is a gem that everyone needs to see. It is a man-made island that has loads to offer to locals and foreigners alike. Balboa Island is one of the best places that Newport, California has to offer and is a great spot for anyone who is up for a bit of fun.

If You Like Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping, right? and it’s even more fancy when it is done along the coast. There is no shortage of shopping malls in Balboa Island and all the best brands are just waiting for you, making sure that you don’t go home empty handed. Doesn’t matter if you like watches, jackets or general clothing items, you can buy everything while you are in Balboa Island.

A Foodies Dream Come True

Shopping can make anyone tired and hungry, it is during this time that you will start to love Balboa Island even more. Marine Avenue is a short distance away from Balboa Island and it is here that you will find the best restaurants on Newport Beach. May it be lunch time or dinner; you will come across some of the most exotic cuisines of different countries from all over the world.

Recreational Opportunities from Out of this World

What is the point of visiting an Island if you are not able to enjoy the water and various water activities? Balboa Island has it all, if you just want to relax and enjoy the scenery you can go on the Duffy Boat Cruise. But wait! What if you like fishing, what then? Well no worries as there are various fishing spots on Balboa Island where you can put your fishing skills to the test.

Learn about Balboa Pier.