Balboa Pier

A lovely red and orange sunset, a romantic walk on a pristine beach, or chowing down on some good food, Balboa Pier has all this to offer, and a lot more. It is a very famous location in Newport Beach, California and serves as a recreational spot for locals and foreigners alike.

A Serene Stroll

Enjoy a leisure stroll on the Balboa Pier while soaking in the refreshing views of the pacific. It’s really a cathartic and invigorating experience, especially if you sit on one of the benches and view the sunset.

Pro tip: Walk slow, stop every once in a while, gaze at the beach which should be behind you, and the vast expanse of ocean that stands in front of you, now try to relieve your mind of all negativity, embrace your surroundings and vibe to the tunes of the ocean.

Pier Fishing

Are you up for catching some Macks? Grab your worms and fishing gear, and enjoy a beautiful fishing day at Balboa Pier. The pier has always attracted interest from fishermen who catch and cook. The area is known for its abundance of Flounder and Mackerel, but be careful not to catch any starfish by accident! Trust us, it has happened many times.

Ruby’s Diner

As you come to the end of the Pier, you find a 40s-style Ruby’s Diner. The location couldn’t be better, and considering you’ve probably loitered here all the way from the beach, it’s only logical to grab something to gobble up, or go back regretting not having eaten anything at all – I say you go with the first option.