Benefits of Brazilian Blowouts

The Brazilian blowout is a hair straightening treatment that works wonders for you hair! The treatment itself originated in Brazil, hence the name, and is a specific liquid keratin formula that bonds to the hair. This creates a protective layer which seals the cuticle of the hair and is the ultimate barrier of protection.

This type of blowout differs from any other keratin hair treatments regarding the post-treatment restrictions- there are none! This means that you do not have to avoid showering or getting your wet, including going swimming and even rain. After receiving the treatment hair comes out hydrated, smooth, glossy and resilient to heat styling. The formula itself is lathered onto sections from root to tip all over your head, every strand of hair will be coated with the product. Once the product is on, your hair will be blow dried and a flat iron used throughout your entire head, the heat from the flat iron has the effect of sealing the formula into your strands. After this your hair is washed again and conditioned to complete the treatment.

Brazilian Blowouts can last for up to four months. You will notice when the treatment is fading as you will start to get your natural curls and regular hair texture growing back in, especially around your hair line. The growth will be subtle as this type of blowout leaves no harsh line where regrowth occurs. Brazilian blowouts are also completely safe on coloring treated hair; you could get the treatment done on the same day if you really wanted! To preserve your blowout you will want to avoid any products containing sulfates and chlorine, have a conversation with your hair stylist to go over any products that are available to you at the salon for the ultimate results.

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Brazilian Blowout