Box Hair Dye Disaster

Box dye and DIY at home hair color kits can go from bad, to horrible, to an absolute nightmare. Most professional hair colorists will recommend NOT using a box dye because they contain large amounts of ammonia, which can leave hair damaged, dry and brittle. Box dye is never fully reliable because everyone has unique hair texture and different desired results. Many common mishaps of a box dye are uneven coloring or patchy coloring distribution, which are never ideal. There is no “one size fits all” for hair coloring. So if you see a gorgeous blonde on the cover of a box dye and expect the same result for you, it will never happen. There is more risk than benefit when it comes to bleaching your hair at home. Worst case, your hair can even fall out! Even though it may seem like a money-saver initially, there is a reason the product is cheap, the ingredients used are low-quality and extremely damaging to your hair. Boxed dye is permanent, the chemicals used will forever be in your hair and they will not come out until that hair is cut off, leaving the damaged hair to struggle trying to get some life back for a long time. This can leave you spending more to get your hair color corrected then actually colored at a professional salon—talk about a nightmare. It is not worth it, just go to your hair salon and save the unnecessary stress for another time, trust us.

The ideal recommendation is to skip the box dye and go into your trusted salon to get your hair properly treated and cared for. Going into the salon allows for your hair colorist to create the perfect formula for your hair type and the ACTUAL desired result you have for your coloring.

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