Brazilian Blowout

Looking for a Brazilian Blowout in Newport Beach? You have come to the right place. Two members of our staff at Andrea Orsi Beauty Lounge are Brazilian and can provide specialized expertise available nowhere else. We utilize advanced technological innovations to bring you the results you want to smooth out your hair and make it easier to style your hair at home.

Hair Botox

Hair Botox is a type of intensive treatment that moisturizes and provides shine, leaving your hair more beautiful—without frizz and without split ends. Although it is known as Botox, this treatment contains no botanical toxin, taking this name only because the hair is renewed, correcting the damage, as occurs in the treatment that is done on the skin. Hair Botox is not meant to straighten your hair like chemical straighteners because it contains no chemicals, but it helps to nourish your hair with protein and vitamins. For people with straight hair, it can make hair even smoother and shinier, but only because the hair is more hydrated and less broken.

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Brazilian Blowout

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