Brown Hair With Highlights

Wanting to spruce up your brown hair without changing the color completely? Highlights are the perfect option for you to enhance your natural hair color. You can achieve a subtle or powerful color to create the look you want. Not sure which color bests suits you? There is a wide range of diversity you can choose from, all the way from honey tones to lighter ashy blonde. A hair colorist will work with you and your unique hair to formulate the best color and create the most bombshell results. Traditionally, foils are used for the highlighting process, it is detailed color work, as the hair will be sectioned over and over again to have an even distribution throughout your entire head of hair. And don’t be fooled that you need to have a long set of locks to get highlights, short, pixie, bob cuts, you name it, no matter the length, highlights can enhance the look of any head of hair. It is always a good idea to bring in photos with you to your salon appointment so that you can explain exactly the look you are going for. A big pro of highlights is that the maintenance is relatively low compared to changing your hair color completely. Roots that grow in are less obvious because your natural hair color is blended into the highlights, creating a more subtle re-growth process.

Keep in mind that because highlighting is a bleaching process for brown hair, you will want to keep up the health of your hair. It is a good idea to talk to your hair colorist and choose a conditioning product that you can use at least once a week to keep your locks strong and healthy. Healthy hair takes color the best, so you always want to keep that in mind when committing to your hair upkeep.

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