Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair

If you have curly hair you have probably received a compliment on your beautiful locks by someone who WISHES they had their own set of curls. Although flattering, we know that your curls can be unpredictable, unruly and all around stubborn- that’s where these styling tips can come in handy and help you on the days where you find yourself battling with your hair. First things first, finding the proper routine and products for your hair is an important step in getting the curls you desire. Because curly hair is unique and has its own special texture, it needs more hydration and less washing than the average straight hair locks.

To protect your hair from damage it is ideal to use a wide tooth comb on your curls when brushing, starting at the bottom to reduces breakage and allow you to initially get all the tangles out of your hair working your way up. The key to products is to find the best “cocktail” of the perfect mixture for you. For example, you can mix together a smoothing serum as well as a hydrating oil, volumizing mousse, or styling gel. Consulting with your hair stylist is a great option for a professional opinion as well as using products in trial and error to find the perfect fit for you. When drying your hair, it is ideal to use a hair diffuser to add the body you want and get the overall best drying pattern on your hair. Diffuser dryers are meant to decrease frizz, so this is the ideal way to dry your hair when styling. If you find you want some more volume or want to spruce your curls up even more after you have dried them, you can use a curling iron to go over any areas where you would like more curl definition. Once your hair is styled you can leave it down and work your curls or put them into the most trending curly hair styles today, these are:

Top knot/high bun: The most classic hair style, made boho chic for those with curly hair. Using a scrunchie to reduce any lines cutting into your natural curls, pull your hair up into the bun you want, and high up as you want. Pull some loose pieces out around your face to shape and voila! Anyone with straight hair will envy this simple full voluminous bun on your head.

Slicked back ponytail: This style is absolutely gorgeous on all face shapes. Slicking down the top of your hair and tying a hair elastic tight at your desired height, then, the key to making this the trendiest ponytail ever is to leave your curls free flowing on the opposite side of the elastic. The contrast created between the slick roots and the free-flowing curls makes this look pop!

Braids: A beautiful way to have your hair off your face but still staying stylish with the trending braid detailing along your hair. There are options for doing a single braid, double, French braid etc. Experiment and play around to find the braids that suit you the best!

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