Do you have thin, no volume or brittle hair? See here 5 Practical Tips and Transform Your Yarn

Who doesn’t want to have soft, shiny, strong and hydrated hair, right? Unfortunately, in some moments of our life, we can go through hair problems of the most diverse types whose origin may even be in some disease or hormonal imbalance. Here we’ll give you tips if your hair is too thin, brittle, uneven or full of dandruff so that your strands come back to life and shine again.

1) If your hair is thinning, check your thyroid

A common but often overlooked cause of hair loss is an unregulated thyroid. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism weakens nails and hair and makes it difficult to replace those that fall out. When the gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones, it greatly reduces your body’s ability to regenerate hair cells. Usually a blood test recommended by an endocrinologist will reveal whether the thyroid is functioning out of balance. In that case, a cheap drug, which is basically the replacement hormone, can make your hair grow thicker than ever in six months. See your doctor.

2) If your hair is brittle, wear a hat

Do you know the surprising cause of dry, brittle hair that breaks easily? UV light. It can damage the outer layer of hair, known as the cuticle, causing it to no longer be flat. The solution? Wear a hat with a sunscreen (ultraviolet protection factor) of 30 to block the rays and protect your scalp from burns.

3) If your hair is weak, eat more protein

For hair to look voluminous and full of life, it needs to get enough protein, iron and zinc. Meat protein helps produce the keratin that is vital for hair structure and its iron and zinc increase the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles to be fuller. Prefer fish? Try the salmon! Omega-3 fatty acids nourish follicles promoting hair growth and overall health.

4) If your hair is uneven talk to your pharmacist

Many medications, including blood thinners and some antidepressants, can trigger sudden hair loss. This usually occurs when the hair roots change into the “resting” state, increasing the fall. Changing medications can trigger regrowth within six weeks. Again, before switching any medications, talk to your doctor.

5) If you have dandruff, rethink how you rinse your hair

Some hair care products like moisturizing mask and conditioner leave residue whenever you use them, and they build up over time. It is recommended that, while washing, you massage your scalp while rinsing until the water flows without foam and any color or texture. After the water is colorless, rinse another 15 seconds and you’re done, you’ll be ensuring that there is no product residue on the scalp.

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