Facials For Acne

Stubborn skin? Annoying acne that no matter what you do doesn’t seem to go away? Facials can help aid in your acne drama and soothe your skin. Facials have been used in many cultures for hundreds of years, going back to the original mud facials where mineral rich mud from rivers left the skin soft and supple. Facials can overall help to clear skin and improve its appearance. One popular type of facial trending now is an exfoliant, these facials help to cleanse the skin and remove impurities such as dirt and oils from the skins surface. With these reductions the inflammation will noticeably reduce, irritation will go down and your overall skin appearance will be more hydrated and glowing. Exfoliation is a good option for clients with mild to medium acne to see optimal results.

Other popular facials on the market today are chemical peels and light therapy. Light therapy is a great option for individuals with more medium to moderate acne as the results have shown to decrease acne after one treatment. For this treatment, an esthetician will perform the actual LED light therapy treatment. After your skin has been exposed to the light therapy, the results are a more evened skin tone and reduced inflammation of acne, clearing the skin completely with multiple sessions (the number of sessions needed will vary per individual). Lastly, chemical peels, this facial is exactly that, a chemical is applied onto the surface of the face that peels off the top layer of your skin. This is beneficial because what is left is a beautiful layer of fresh new skin. This is an ideal treatment for clients that have acne scarring as it reduces any scars or uneven skin tone/hyperpigmentation.

It is always best to go to a trusted esthetician to get the proper treatment for your skin type. Optimal effects of a facial are affected not only by what you are putting on the outside, but you will also want to be conscious of what you’re putting on the inside. This means to drink lots of water and to eat your fruits and vegetables to give your skin the best chance of achieving its most radiant health.

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