Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Do not panic if you have fine hair and think you are not a good candidate for hair extensions—think again! There are so many options for all hair types, fine hair included, so book your appointment to go get the volume and length you want with those extensions girl! Always talk to your hair stylist about exactly what you are wanting—a consultation is the best route to take so that they can determine your hair type before your appointment. Tape in extensions are a great option for fine hair. Using a special hair tape, this option is lightweight and will rarely cause breakages. There does not need to be a large amount of hair present to get these extensions put in, making it ideal, and bonus that these can last for up to 3 months! Tape in extensions create a natural look with the volume and length you want.

With fine hair, you will want to AVOID at-home clip in extensions. These can be extremely damaging and actually pull out and break your hair—leaving patches of hair removed. Even if you are taking your hair clip-ins off at night before you go to bed, the damage can still be done while they are on during the day. Clip-in extensions are a big NO-NO for fine hair.

Once you get the perfect extensions put on for you at the salon, you want to make sure you take good care of them! This includes getting instructions on how to wash and brush them correctly by your hair stylist. You need to avoid the use of any oil-based products near your roots, as these can affect the placement of the extension if they slip and fall out of place. For the optimal finished look, make sure to purchase a volume-boosting product to work alongside your extensions to give you the volume you deserve.

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