Haircuts For Thin Hair

There are so many options for women and men that have thin hair. Getting your haircut should always leave you feeling fresh and on top of the world, the same goes for thin hair. These are the top haircuts for thin hair that are trending and work for giving you the voluminous looking hair you crave. Short hair is the best option for thin hair, this doesn’t mean a pixie cut, but if you have thin hair, you probably already know that you have a maximum length you can grow your hair before it starts to be noticeable thin at the ends. The recommendation is to keep your hair cut above this invisible line that is unique to your hair. For most people, shoulder length or above shoulder is an ideal length to keep your locks looking thick and luscious. Adding layers to a short cut can up the volume and create a dynamic look from all angles. Haircuts for a bob/shoulder length cut, it is ideal to keep the ends blunt and keep some longer pieces in the front to create depth in your hair, making it look fuller. To wave your hair at this length is the perfect way to style it as the waves will make your hair look wavy, gorgeous and give in the bounce that full luscious locks naturally have.

If you have thin hair that grows longer and past your shoulders it is ideal to have a blunt cut, similar to the medium/ bob style, and keep your hair as healthy as possible. Breakage and split ends at this length of fine hair creates a spacious look at the ends, highlighting your thin tips. Always talk to your hairstylist and get their expert opinion before cutting your hair, and if you want the ultimate voluminous results make sure to purchase a lightweight product to give your hair the UMPH you desire!

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