Haircuts For Women

So, you are wanting to change your look completely or maybe just go in for a trim? Haircuts can leave us feeling like a star. For long or short hair, any length can be cut. From face framing layers to bold edgy angles. For medium to long hair, getting a trim is a good way to keep up your hair health and snip off any of the dead ends that you may have acquired over time due to heat on your hair or over styling. Even the seasons can damage hair. For short hair, it will need more upkeep than one may expect as hair may outgrow a style fast. Your above shoulder bob can suddenly be a below shoulder bob sooner than you anticipated! It is also important to keep up trims if you are trying to grow your hair into gorgeous long locks falling down your back.  It is always best to bring in a photo with you when going to your hair salon, this way your hair stylist will have a good idea of what you are wanting the end result to look like if it is more than your regular trim.

It is never a good idea to cut your hair at home, we repeat, NEVER a good idea. Even if you are thinking it would just be a trim and not a big deal, maybe you don’t have time to go into the salon- make time, trust us. Most households have dull, store-bought scissors that can actually do more damage to your hair. Salon-grade scissors are meant for cutting hair and leave your locks healthy and thriving. Hot tip: If you are going for a more drastic haircut and are taking more than 5 inches off, you can always donate your hair for a good cause and make a difference just by getting your hair cut!