Lido Marina Village

Casual, cool and upbeat – Lido Marina Village is a high-end beachside shopping and dining attraction in Newport, California. So, put on those beach sandals or flip-flops and get ready to walk, shop and eat at one of the fanciest beach locations in Newport.


The shopping scene at Lido Marina Village is really hip and upscale. You need to get here to truly experience the huge variety of stores, brands and products that are available. They have a Minnow outlet for children’s swimwear, a Warby Parker to check out some eye wear, and if you want you can always hit Planet Blue or Towne store to buy clothes that radiate that proud Californian vibe.

Eat and Drink

It is best to reach Lido Marina Village with a growling belly. Yeah, that’s right… the food here is yum. And considering the vast choice of restaurants and eateries, it is unthinkable that you won’t something that is totally irresistible. You can enjoy some Sushi at Nobu, a farm fresh dinner at Malibu Farm, or have a wonderful waterfront breakfast at Zinque.

Electric Boat Rental

There’s an electric boat rental service that interests many people. It’s about $150 for an hour, and anybody can operate it without needing a boating license. It’s an incredible experience taking as many as 8 to 10 people out into the ocean, and just having a splendid time.

Park for Free (But, there’s a catch)

As a visitor, you get the perk of having an hour’s worth of free parking while you’re here. Moreover, making store purchases will also give you an additional two hours of free parking, so always make sure to buy something at Lido Marina Village, and redeem your two hours of free parking time!