Newport Christmas Boat Parade

Funky, fancy and an absolutely delightful event, the Newport Christmas Boat Parade was ranked as one of the top ten happenings in the US by the New York Times. It is an extremely festive occasion as over 150 beautifully-lit boats venture out into the sea around Christmas day, and you can be one of those lucky to be on board to witness this scenic event.

The Event

Some hundred and fifty or two hundred boats leave the Newport Harbor for five-day parade that goes on for five consecutive nights. Everyone with a boat is welcome to join; others can buy tickets for the event and be part of the parade too.

It is amazing how a tradition started some hundred years ago is still celebrated so enthusiastically by the locals. People from all walks of life join in on this lively parade with their grand expensive yachts, luxury cruisers, smaller boats and even canoes! It is really a time to show off your bling-bling!

That’s not all. The organizers hand out prizes to the most well-decorated boats, and other categories like those with the best music, the best animation and lighting etc. Everyone is vying for a prize here – it is what makes the event all the more interesting.

Ring of Lights

Restaurants, private properties and other establishments that face the water join in on the fun by embellishing their buildings and shops with extravagant lights to create the ‘Ring of Lights’ which is definitely another sight you cannot afford to miss on this trip.