Newport Beach Harbor

Spacious, breath-taking and picturesque – Newport Beach Harbor in California is a sight you just cannot afford to miss. The place is blessed with such a huge range of amenities and things-to-do. It is the largest recreational harbor on the west coast of the United States.

Play beach sports, take a stress-relieving long serene walk, or heck book a Yacht or boat and hit the open waters. There is so much you can do at Newport Beach Harbor, it’s all super fun and makes for a day well-spent.

Cruises and Paddle boating

Folks get here to some really cool stuff. Newport Harbor has a fine paddle boating arrangement for guys and gals to enjoy. Paddle off towards the open waters, feel the wind blow through your hair, embrace the cool touch of the ocean and have fun in the most extravagant way possible.

Just so you know, Newport is perhaps the most affluent areas in the US, so there’s no holding back on showing off here; book a cruise and wander into the sunset while sipping on your favorite beverages. If you’re here to impress your lady, then the cruise is a screaming opportunity, so don’t let it pass.

Ecological Reserves

If cruises and paddle boats haven’t got you exhausted, make way to the lush ecological reserves on the Back Bay of Newport Harbor. The place is known for its unique flora, flocks of exotic migratory birds and wildlife you didn’t know even existed there.

It is a remarkable excursion out into the vast stretch of coastal wetlands, and a really smooth way of detoxing from the toils of urban life.

Waterfront Dining

Dock & Dine, Blue Water Grill or the Canary Seafood of the Pacific are extraordinary waterfront dining restaurants where you can enjoy your food while soaking in the majestic beauty of this magnificent Californian beach as it kisses the ocean underneath a gorgeous dusky sun – it’s a sight to behold.