Newport Beach Pier

If you are up for a little adventure along the shore, you need to visit Newport Pier. The Pier offers a perfect place to enjoy the warmth of the sun and with it some stunning views of the beach. Located at Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach is home to a lot of fun activities, but you need to experience them yourself to enjoy and appreciate them.

Riding on the Bike Trail

The Newport Beach Pier is a cyclist’s dream come true, it has a lengthy bike trail and along the trail you will get to some of the most expensive real estate in Southern California. Some of the houses seen along the trail are even available for rent during the summer. If cycling isn’t your thing, you can even stretch your legs and go for a nice skate along the beach.

Restaurants and Fine Dining

If you visit Newport Beach Pier you will want to enjoy the food. The Pier has several restaurants at its base and here you can find all sorts of food items. Having delicious food is an experience in itself, but it becomes even more enjoyable when you have a spectacular view of the ocean and beach to look at.