The Wedge

Daredevils, extreme sports fans, and surfers unite! The Wedge is the place to be if you are in Orange County. To the extreme east end of the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach lie the intense and powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean, a dream come true for those strong-at-heart.

But, that’s not to say you can’t visit it for other reasons. The Wedge is a popular visiting place where people come to sit and enjoy seeing the surfers take on the waves. Others find a place by the jetty and spend time looking at the boats come and go as they wait for the beautiful orange sun to finally set into the horizon.


As we already mentioned earlier, these waves are really powerful and you’ll only find the most skilled surfers hitting the waves here. Waves can be as high as 30 feet at times, and might even surprise you as you are battling out with the previous one’s backwash. The backwash is particularly strong and you need to be careful not to crash into other surfers.

Soaking in the View

Considering the waves are fierce enough to scare the bejesus out of ordinary people, most locals and travelers enjoy watching surfers trying to harmonize and tame the waves as they cheer them on.

Many others just like to sit by the jetty and watch the pristine views as boats set in or leave the harbor. It is recommended you wait for the sunset because it is a really majestic moment. You see the golden orange dusky sun fade into the gigantic Pacific Ocean. Pro tip: don’t forget your camera, there’s lot of opportunity for some awesome photography.